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1. Q. Do you ship to the UK ?
    A. We no longer ship to the UK due to severe customs delays and charges. Instead order from which is located within the          UK.

2. Q. Do you ship to Ireland? ?
     A. Yes we ship to Ireland

3. Q. Is there any location you do not ship to ??
    A. Yes, we no longer ship to the UK instead order from which is located within the UK.

4. Q.Do you use straight or diluted ?
     A. C-liquid can be used according to personal preference. Some customers use as it comes and other dilute with             an  e-liquid to           required strengh.

5. Q. How do you use C-liquids ?
     A. C-liquid should be used like an e-juice with an electronic cigarette. 

6. Q. Will I need to pay customs charges for my order?
     A. Customers within the EU will not be required to pay customs charges, we have paid the charges in advance so you don't need to.               All other countries may charge customs fees but we keep the value low to keep charges to a bare minimum.

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